Pakistan - Sindh - Makli Hill & Shah Jahan Mosque
Makli Hill Tombs & 17th Century Mughal Mosque
Makli Hill is a vast necropolis. It is said to contain over a million graves and is considered by many as the largest graveyard in the world. Due to time constraints at the end of my trip and sheer size vastness of it I unfortunately could not photograph too much of it. The graves consist mainly of sandstone, esquisitely carved with geometric and floral designs like those at the Chaukhandi Tombs. Further down the road is the city of Thatta. Thatta is dominated by the beautiful Shah Jahan Mosque built between 1644 and 1647. It has 93 domes within its hallways which give it incredible acoustics. The mosque is said to have been built by Shah Jahan to repay the townspeople for their hospitality when he sought refuge there.
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Pakistan - Karachi - Dhobi Ghat
The Great Laundry
This is one of the most extensive of laundries stretching nearly 4 kiliometers (2.5 miles) along the riverbank of the Liyari river. I was deterred several times by the locals from going to this place. They said it was dangerous due to the local political parties being very active in the area - due to which many people have been shot randomly and mugged. Ignoring the warnings I went anyway and found the locals I ran into to be quite nice. The Dhobis (clothes washer) clean hundreds of clothes a day and hardly make any money from it.
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Pakistan - Sindh - Landhi
Fishing Village on the Arabian Sea
Landhi is a fishing village about a half hour southeast of Karachi. Photography is generally not permitted near the waterfronts - especially in the areas in and around Karachi. People are paranoid about security issues. While photographing the boats at the docks I was stopped and asked what I was doing by a boat owner. He thought I was taking photos as a spy to give to India. He was however eventually convinced otherwise. Many of the boats go out for weeks at a time on fishing expeditions in the Arabian Sea.
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Pakistan - Karachi - The Streets
The Commercial Capital of Pakistan
Karachi is the capital of the Sindh province and the largest city in Pakistan. It was the former capital of Pakistan until it was moved to Islamabad. A cosmopolitan port city, Karachi has a comparitively large proportion of religious minorities. In contrast to many landlocked Pakistani cities, Karachi has sweeping vistas over the Arabian Sea, and its coastline has several attractive beaches. One major difference over other cities, Karachi has omnipresent armed guards and tanks in areas that have a history of insurrection. Tourists generally skip this city on their visits to Pakistan.
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Pakistan - Sindh - Chaukhandi Tombs
The Four Corners
Chaukandi Tombs are generally attributed to the Jokhio and Baloch tribes. They are located in the Sindh province and were built between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries. The word Chaukandi literally means "Four Corners". The tombs are built of yellow sandstone which was carried from Jung Shahi - a place near the city of Thatta. The most impressive tombs are the ones with pyramidal structure. The geometric designs that cover the entire surface of the tombs are extraordinary. The tombs of men are capped with a stylized turban and are carved with horses, arms and weapons. The tombs of women have been decorated with mostly jewelry, such as anklets, bracelets, necklaces, rings and earings.
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Pakistan / India - The Wagah (or Wahga) Border
The Border and Flag Ceremony
Wahga until recently was the only way to cross borders between Pakistan and India (the Kashmir border just recently opened). The ceremony is quite popular and well attended by the people on each side. One can say it is attended by too many people and the crowd control is really bad at its best. I never really got to see all of it too well let alone photograph it. I was lucky to get the few pictures I did.
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Pakistan - Punjab Countryside
Jhoogi tribe of Addari, Firework makers of Lalpulli, Sharakpur & Brick makers of Fattuwala
The real life and culture of Pakistan is in the villages and farms of its countryside. I unfortunately could not spend much time there as they are quite remote and not easy to get to and lastly lack any kind of accommodations (hopefully next time). This album covers a day trip into the countryside. I visited the gypsies of the Jhoogi tribe in the village of Addari, firework makers near the village of Lalpulli, the village of Sharakpur, the brick makers in the village of Fattuwala, and the small village of Sakhi Shah Bukhari.
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Pakistan - Lahore - Sufi Music
Sufi Drumming & Qawwali Singing
Sufism is known as "Islamic Mysticism", in which Muslims seek to find divine love and knowledge through direct personal experience of God. Both the terms Sufism and Sufi beliefs have no basis from the traditional Islamic sources. Per a 10th century mystic, Sufi music serves the purpose of arousing the longing for God and passionate love for him. A few Sufi music performances are covered in this album. The Sufi drumming of Pappu Sain at the tomb of Shah Jamal, Sain Mohammad Ali giving a private performance at the Regale Inn and a series of several Qawwali singers and instrumentalists at a temple in Lahore.
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Pakistan - Lahore Fort & Badshahi Mosque
Mughal Architecture from the 16th and 17th Century
Lahore Fort (locally known as Shahi Qila) was completed by Emperor Akbar in 1566 and emperors following him - like Jhangir, Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb have modified and added to it. It was damaged in 1618 by the Sikhs and British but has since been partially restored. Badshahi Mosque was completed in 1674 under Aurangzeb (son of Shah Jahan). It was one of the last architectural undertakings by the Mughals. It is considered to be one of the largest mosques in the world and can hold up to 100,000 people.
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Pakistan - Lahore - The Streets
Mall Road, Pakistan Day Memorial, Anarkali
Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan. It was the capital of the Punjab for nearly a thousand years before the separation of India and Pakistan. Lahore today is the culturally and historically rich center of Pakistan.
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Pakistan - Kashmir
Cities in the Mountains
Kashmir, or more apporopriately Azzad (Free) Kashmir is a province in turmoil. It is strictly off limits to foriegners. The entire area of Kashmir use to belong to India, and during the seperation of India it became part of Pakistan. Nearly ninety percent of Kashmir was taken over again by the Indian army and the dispute over the land and the resources it offers by way of the Neelam and Jhelum rivers continues to this day.
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Pakistan - Islamabad
The Capital City of Pakistan
Islamabad is a new city compared to all the others in Pakistan. It became the capital after Karachi was for a short while. Most of the photos here are of the famous Faisal Mosque and of a Basant (Kite) Festival which was arranged by some local companies.
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Pakistan - Moenjodaro
The Ancient Indus Civilization of 3000 BC
The ruins of the huge city of Moenjodaro built entirely of unbaked brick in the 3rd millennium B.C. lie in the Indus valley. The acropolis, set on high embankments, the ramparts, and the lower town, which is laid out according to strict rules, provide evidence of an early system of town planning.
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August 1999
I visited Pakistan in the summer of 1999. I spent most of my time relaxing in the northern mountain valley of Swat. This is a growing collection of images from my trip. There are many more pictures, but I have yet to find the rest of the negatives.
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